The Cup

Based on the information and daily communication strategies, I had created a piece of artwork – Canning cup that it has a conceptual relationship about what Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby had stated. We are seeing all kinds of invention, such as a helicopter or the airplane, and all those ideas come from our nature in reality. Both authors mention that, “Speculative design props function as physical Synecdoche, parts representing wholes designed to prompt speculation in the viewer about the world these objects belong to” (Dunne & Raby). Humans mime their structure in order to make the transportation. Those productions could seem as the ideas of speculative everything when humans do not invent that transportation plentifully. What I make is a piece of the cup with special handle on it. It does not look like a cup any for most of us since it has the handle aside like a bird's mouth. The feature of this cup is to solve the problem of dripping water from the cans drink. For instance, a freezing coke could make your table wet. However, this cup can prevent this issue. The edge of the cup has four small obstacles to stabilize the canning drink inside. It works not only at home but also outside in your car, and the design of the handle is more convenient to catch up table or hard cardboard. Thus, this cup is an alternative way to improve the quality of our daily life.

Moreover, our invention derives from the need of environment. The limitation tells that we need a container in order to carry more water. Our human develops and explores what it is important to our life. The best way to solve that it is to have something to store water in the ancient era. Marshall McLuhan states, “Environment are not passive wrappings, but are, active processes which are invisible.” (Marshall p68). All the media occurs at the point of view of us, which mean we shape the way how it is. There is no metaphor and any prediction to tell those people to make an item. All of them are based on the conceptual art and ideal form in order to present it to us. My second pieces called Powder Container. This container does not specify what to put on it. Instead, you can fill with the material that each time consumes 50 grams, which it is no limit to use. What it relates is the convenient function to save our time. The container can load up to 150 grams and use them separately. For social perspective, people prefer to use less time to solve their organizational issue and this proposition can satisfy what they need.

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