Raspberry P5 Weather Clock

This is a create a beautiful user interface for those people who like to see the clock on their raspberry pi. The application contains three major parts, the first part will be the time displaying on the center of the screen, the second line will be the current date wich it syncs with your computer data as well, the last line will display all the information about the city, status, and the actual temperature in that area. Temp - currently using the degree as international standard, you can convert that. The project provides more fun speculative designs for anyone who loves creating their clock at home. You also notices that why many people build these products. So why dont you create your own and provide customize function you like.

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However, check out how you can make the amazing clock by yourself, and you can customize everything you. Then the idea can help you create more dynamic stuffs because Raspberry pi can fetch content online. To learn more about how to setup it in your raspberry pi. See and enjoy the fun.