Toothbrush Bristlebot

This week I worked on constructing a bristlebot. That was made out of a toothbrush, a battery, 3D print leg a motor and some tape. The idea of the this assignment is to learn about the concept of the closed circuits in electronic technologies. It is an easy demonstrated by what we can do if we only have a motor, toothbrush and battery… As my opinion, it could be related to the AI robot or a vacuum.

First of all, I split out brush head and toothbrush. Then I put some tape on the back of the toothbrush. Also, sticking battery make the Bristlebot more stable. Finally, I add up the motor on the very top of the toothbrush. There is no switcher on this Bristlebot since I used tape to stick the red line with negative and black line for positive. Moreover, the shape of the legs can make the toothbrush move differently. The little toothbrush bristlebot can keep running until I stop it. As the video we can see the Toothbrush Bristlebot can make a random discovery of the certain location, or may be more.

This experiment shows how electricity runs from a simple battery to the motor from the battery provides an energy for motor and motor transform those energy to be the kinetic energy.